THE ANNI BERGMAN PARENT-INFANT TRAINING PROGRAM is accepting applicants for the 2012-2015 training cycle. Please see the description below for information about the program and applying.

Program Description

THE ANNI BERGMAN PARENT-INFANT TRAINING PROGRAM began in 1997 and is affiliated with both the New York Freudian Society and the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. The program is unique in offering intensive training in parent-infant work to psychoanalysts and advanced psychoanalytic candidates. Applicants from other disciplines with particular interest and experience working with infants are also considered.

The three-year training program includes one year of infant observation, a second year of study of the literature on infancy,infant research, dyadic treatment of infants and their parents, and a third year applying this knowledge to clinical work. A three-hour seminar led by the program faculty is held weekly.


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