Training Program

Year One: Infant Observation

The first year is devoted to infant observation. Each student finds a parent-infant dyad to observe and makes weekly visits to the home for a minimum of one year. Detailed process notes are written and presented at the weekly seminar where faculty and students discuss interaction patterns observed in the visits, as well as feelings evoked in the observer. The program considers the infant observation experience to be the foundation for theoretical understanding and clinical training. Our model is based on both the infant observation models originated by Esther Bick at the Tavistock Clinic and Margaret Mahler at the Masters Children' Center.

Year Two: Psychoanalytic Theory and Research on Infant Development

The second-year curriculum begins with a review of psychoanalytic theories of infancy and the parent-infant relationship, including the work of Freud, Klein, Winnicott, Mahler, Bowlby, and Bion. From these foundations, the curriculum moves to current theorists and mother-infant researchers including Beebe, Brazelton, Fonagy, Greenspan, Hofer, Sander, Shore, M. Steele, H. Steele, Stern, Tronick, and Trevarthan. Topics include affect regulation, communication, the development of self and object representations, attachment theory, separation-individuation theory, neurobiology, and assessment. The program faculty teaches this part of the curriculum along with scholars from the international community who visit to present their current thinking and research. Students study the literature through an extensive bibliography.

Year Three: Clinical Application

In the third year, program participants concentrate on clinical applications of infant observation and developmental theory. Clinical opportunities can include work with parent-infant dyads, group work with parents and infants, and consultation to staff in various community settings. Students present their clinical work to the seminar and are supervised both individually and in the group. For graduation, each student writes a paper based on a particular clinical or theoretical aspect of their three-year training in infant observation and parent-infant treatment.




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